Let’s keep on Supporting People 2016

Over August, the preparatory work for the next phase of the Let’s Keep Supporting People campaign is beginning in earnest – and we need your help.

We have already begun meeting with Assembly Members and other stakeholders. However, we know one of the most powerful ways to make the case for protecting the Supporting People (SP) budget is to invite AMs to see your services in order for them to meet with people that are using those services.

The campaign will be launching in early September which will be followed by an intensive six weeks of campaigning before the budget setting in October.

During this time we need you, our members, to invite politicians to see the benefits of the SP programme first hand.

The campaign will have two strands as we would also like to use this platform as an opportunity to highlight the impact of capping housing benefit to Local Housing Allowance rates to MPs. We want as many members as possible to arrange visits for both AMs and MPs to see how supported housing and the Supporting People Programme is helping people in their constituency.

A full campaign pack can be downloaded below:

Lets Keep on Supporting People - Campaign Pack

Letter to CHC and Cymorth members

SP and Supported Housing - Where are we now