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In summary

Housing associations provide vital support and advice to tenants who claim benefits. They also help vulnerable tenants who require managed payments to their landlord through the system of alternative payment arrangements.

We work closely with our members to influence UK-wide and Wales-based welfare systems in order to ensure that they effectively support housing association tenants to be financially resilient.


  • Previous Universal Credit In Depth briefings

  • ORS research

How we develop this area of work

We work closely with the welfare and housing management strategic delivery groups.

We work with our members to benchmark rent arrears and seek to understand the impact of benefit changes on these arrears, and on the experiences of tenants.

As welfare issues are largely non-devolved, we work closely with the four UK housing federations to influence change within UK Government policy.

We also undertake direct influencing with Welsh government in relation to benefits that operate within Wales, and on issues such as benefit take-up and income maximisation.

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