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31 March 2014

YBAC petition calls on DWP to fund welfare reform communication campaign

The Your Benefits are Changing campaign has set up a petition to call on the DWP to fund a national communication campaign to raise awareness about welfare reform.

The DWP will spend £8.1m on a celebrity endorsed ‘We’re all in’ campaign around pension automatic enrolment. The TV element ran for a month and cost £3.5 million. The Pension Minister admitted at the time: “People should know that all they need to do is look out for a letter from their employer.”

Why no such advert for the changes to benefits? Since the introduction of the changes, housing organisations have been leading the way in communicating the changes to those affected.

The DWP need to take responsibility and fund a national communications campaign to make sure people know about the complex changes.

A consortia of 70+ organisations in Wales are already using the ‘Your Benefits are Changing’ brand, which we believe could be rolled out UK wide.

Our call to the DWP is as follows: I call on the DWP to fund a national communications campaign to raise awareness about Welfare Reform.

You can sign the petition here.

Please share the petition far and wide in order to gain as many signatures as possible, and please use the #yourbenefits hashtag when tweeting about the petition. Thanks in advance for your support.