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18 May 2016

Welsh Labour leader Carwyn Jones reappointed as First Minister

Welsh Labour leader Carwyn Jones has been reappointed as First Minister following last week’s tied vote with Leanne Wood. Following the Queen's approval, Mr Jones will begin forming a minority Welsh Government.This decision follows a joint statement published yesterday by Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru, entitled ‘Moving Wales Forward’.

Carwyn Jones has confirmed that his party will not bring forward legislation in the first 100 days in order to establish a new way of law-making.

The new cabinet is set to be confirmed shortly.

Stuart Ropke, Chief Executive of Community Housing Cymru (CHC) said: “All parties in the Assembly supported the Homes for Wales campaign and pledged to end the housing crisis in Wales. The new Labour minority government, with its shared priorities, must now deliver on this promise with an ambitious plan for housing in the Programme for Government, including the pledges both Labour and Plaid Cymru made to end the Right to Buy and deliver 20,000 affordable homes. Good quality homes are key to a flourishing economy, better health, and educational attainment for our children, and it’s vital that the new government recognises this and delivers on the ambitious housing targets we saw in party manifestos.’