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08 May 2013

Welsh Government announce £30m investment in housing

Welsh Government have this week announced £76.5m worth of capital investment across Wales, with £30m extra for housing. £10m will be invested in the ''Houses into Homes'' empty homes initiative, with a further £20m for social housing grant, which will be targetted at building smaller properties, to provide housing for individuals and families that are affected by the UK Government''s housing benefit changes.

Responding to the announcement, Community Housing Cymru Group Chief Executive Nick Bennett said: “The fact that the housing sector has received 39% of a £76.5m capital investment package demonstrates the political priority attached to housing and the growing realisation of its role in generating jobs and growth. This additional funding reflects the positioning of the sector as a vehicle for social justice and economic growth”

“Additional funding into the housing market provides so much more than bricks and mortar, it will provide a boost to the Welsh economy and much needed job and training opportunities for local people and we have a track record in delivering. Research by the Wales Economic Research Unit at Cardiff University found that last year our sector directly employed 7,500 people and supported an additional 12,700 jobs in the economy.”

“The social housing grant, which will be used for additional one and two bed properties, will enable social landlords to offer tenants who are affected by the ‘bedroom tax’ affordable homes to downsize in to. We don’t believe that tenants are needlessly under-occupying larger homes, but simply have no choice due to the national shortage of affordable homes.”