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22 July 2015

TV surprise For Street Football founder

When local man Keri Harris set off for a London TV studio recently, it was just another day doing the job he loves. The Street Football Wales founder was accompanying 2 former players to screen tests for an ongoing documentary being filmed about how the project tackles social inclusion through sport. Or so he thought.

“When I got there with Beth and Claire, it was just delay after delay after delay,” says Keri. “Eventually after lots of apologies, they invited us to go and watch a show being filmed rather than just sit around waiting. I wasn’t too bothered but the girls were keen so we all went down to the studio together. Next thing you know I’m walking through a curtain and just at the last second it starts to dawn on me that I might be being set up”.

In reality the documentary had been a ruse to film matchday footage and interviews, whilst the London trip itself was a culmination of months of planning on behalf of Surprise Surprise producers, Keri’s colleagues, family and friends.

“Keri is inspiring”, says Beth Clayton, a former player and currently a colleague of Keri who was involved in nominating him for the show. “The Street Football Wales initiative has been life-changing for many people, myself included.”

Keri describes the experience as bizarre, humbling and rewarding but is otherwise remaining tightlipped about the episode which airs this Sunday at 8pm on ITV.