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02 December 2016

Socio-Economic Contribution of Welsh Housing Associations

Socio-Economic Contribution of Welsh Housing Associations - Making a difference to lives and communities

New figures reveal the important role Welsh housing associations play in the economy of Wales.

The statistics, prepared by Beaufort Research and Houston Economic Consulting for Community Housing Cymru (CHC), illustrate the difference housing associations are making across Wales through investment in housing and communities.

The impressive numbers for 2015/16 show that:

  • Nearly 90p in every £1 spent by housing associations remains in Wales.
  • For every one person employed by a housing association – another one and a half jobs are supported elsewhere in the Welsh economy.
  • Housing associations built/acquired 2,322 homes during the 12 months – nearly a quarter without a Social Housing Grant.

Hayley Macnamara, Policy and Programmes Manager at CHC, said: “Housing associations have always been about much more than bricks and mortar. They are major players when it comes to supporting the Welsh economy and encouraging it to grow and develop.

“Their investment in homes and communities, together with the jobs and training opportunities they create, is reaping dividends for tenants and the people living in their neighbourhoods.”

Here's an infographic of the results:

The full report can been read here.