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13 August 2013

Social Services & Well-being (Wales) Bill – Stage 1 Committee Report Released

Earlier this month the Health & Social Care Committee released its Stage 1 report following a period of consultation and evidence sessions. In our initial response we emphasised the need to ensure housing was considered as a key determinant of an individual’s well-being. We welcome the recognition of this by the Committee who in Recommendation 6 of the report have emphasised the need for greater recognition of housing. This will be done either through its inclusion under “Standard of living” or by amending the current definition to include suitable housing and independent living.

Matt Kennedy (Policy Officer – Care, Support & Community Health) responded: “The recognition by the committee; that housing does play a central role in maintaining individual well-being is highly encouraging. Whilst we welcome the general recommendation more will need to be considered of the detail of each option. For example, including housing under “Standard of living” may water down its importance, as this can encompass many other aspects of an individual’s life.”

We will continue to work with members to ensure the role that members play in delivering social services outcomes and in improving individual well-being is appropriately highlighted.

The full Stage 1 report is available here.