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28 November 2016

Reaching Out with the Prince's Trust Cymru

The Prince's Trust is sponsoring the Welsh Apprentice Challenge 2016

Reaching Out with The Prince’s Trust Cymru

The Prince’s Trust is the UK’s leading youth charity, supporting young people to get their lives on track. We help young people aged 13 to 30 to develop their confidence and skills, and help them move into employment, education or training. The personal and professional development that our programmes offer brings lasting and tangible benefits to young people and the communities in which they live.

We work with the hardest to reach young people, building their resilience and raising awareness about the challenges they face.

87p out of every £1 is spent directly in developing and delivering programmes and services for young people

The Prince’s Trust in Wales

The Prince’s Trust Cymru works with Welsh young people from our offices in Rhyl, Llangennech, Tonyrefail and our delivery centre in Cardiff.

Last year we supported over 3,000 young people, but we know there is more to do. Currently, there are over 58,000 * young people not in education, employment or training in Wales, and many of those are long term unemployed (* 16-24 years old, Annual Population Survey 31st December 2015).

Unemployment rates for young people in Wales in June 2016 (17%) remained higher than the UK average (15%). The impact of long term unemployment can be devastating for young people leading to low self-esteem, anxiety and even depression. Many face other challenges such as growing up in care, moving on from an offending background, homelessness, living with a disability or in poverty. The individuals who come on our programmes often lack the support networks they need to move forward in their life. A report we released as part of our 40th anniversary revealed clear evidence of social immobility linked to a lack of “inherited opportunities”. In fact, more than half of young people polled (52%) in Wales said they had no support from anyone when searching for a job.

Last year in Wales, 77% of the young people we help move into work, education, training or volunteering

The Prince’s Trust Cymru operates by working directly with the young people we support and alongside partners who add value to our programmes and enrich the experiences for young people. We work alongside schools to deliver an education programme and with a wide range of employers who lend their expertise and experience, to benefit young people desperately seeking work.

The Trust also has a strong framework in place to continue supporting young people after they have completed one of our courses because we are determined to help them move into positive, sustainable outcomes. We are proud to say that last year, 77% of Prince’s Trust supported young people in Wales moved into employment, education or training after completing one of our courses. We are determined to drive this proportion even higher.

The Benefits of Partnership-working with The Prince’s Trust Cymru

We are experts at reaching out to young people, helping them to turn their lives around.

We have established an extensive network of public, private and voluntary sector partners who add value to our work by providing referrals, programme delivery, work experience, education, training opportunities and specialist support for young people.

We are keen to develop partnerships with Community Housing Cymru and Registered Social Landlords across Wales to ensure that we are able to help the hardest to reach.

Our rigorous quality systems, effective monitoring and regular evaluation ensures quality provision.

We also have an extensive network of volunteer mentors who provide their knowledge and expertise to help support our young people into positive outcomes.

Talk to us about how we can work together. https://www.princes-trust.org.uk/