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29 April 2014

Order 'Your Big Book of Benefits'

*Buy one, get one free!*

CHC launched the brand new ‘Your Big Book of Benefits’ at its latest Welfare Reform Strategic Day.

The Your Benefits are Changing campaign was set up to raise awareness of the changes and to provide free and independent help and advice for those affected. Over 100 organisations have signed up to support the campaign to date, and ‘Your Big Book of Benefits’ is very much part of the campaign. Packed full of information, tips, tactics, sample forms, supporting letters and more, ‘Your Big Book of Benefits’ is a complete toolkit for making sense of the changing world of benefits. After an overview of the system and the main changes, ‘Your Big Book of Benefits’ explores each changing benefit step by step. The book is aimed firmly at tenants, support workers and housing staff, rather than benefit experts, to help you to deal with changes affecting your benefits and those of the people you support.

Copies cost £25 for supporting organisations and £35 for other organisations, and you can download the order form below. Buy one copy, get one free!

If you have any questions about the content of the book, please contact [email protected].

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