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12 November 2013

#HousingDay – 13 November

Local government organisations organised a ‘Tweetathon’ last month where they used the #ourday13 hashtag to tweet about their activities on one particular day. This was a great way of raising awareness about what goes on in local government on a daily basis, as well as demonstrating the vast variety of projects staff are involved with. Adrian Capon, Yorkshire Housing, has gathered feedback from the social housing sector and has established that social housing organisations across the UK would be interested in taking part in a similar day. The hashtag will be #HousingDay, and the date of the Tweetathon is 13 November.

This will be a great opportunity to showcase the day-to-day collective impact we have as organisations across the UK. Tweets from the social housing sector would vary massively and could include community regeneration activities, working with older people, working with younger people, launching a new housing scheme, producing the tenant magazine, processing applications, working on recruitment adverts, organising community events, visiting a new tenant, liaising with your local Care & Repair agency, giving money advice, paying invoices, fitting a new kitchen, providing tenants with advice on getting back to work, digital inclusion activities, working on an energy saving strategy… the list goes on and on! Even if you think a particular task you’re working on is trivial, it could still be making a difference to someone’s life.

Whatever your job title, everyone has a story to tell. We encourage you to post videos, blogs, photos and so on in order to provide different types of content for people to look at and to share.

If you’d like to read more about the ideas behind #HousingDay, please click on the following link: http://www.comms2point0.co.uk/comms2point0/2013/10/30/housingday-131113-tweetathon.html