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03 August 2017

Governance Review Update

At the beginning of July CHC held a number consultation events with members to help shape and develop CHC's governance member offer. As part of that discussion we looked at the sector Code of Goverenance and its potential strengths and weaknesses as well as the challenges around recruitment and wider areas for improvement around the governance member offer and governance training provision. Lots of valuable feedback was captured at these events and will now be used to help shape next steps. Earlier this year, CHC committed to reviewing the Code of Governance and feedback from members certainly indicates some areas for improvment. In order to take this work forward, CHC will be putting out a call for expressions of interest to join the Code of Governance Task and Finish Group.

The Welsh Government Governance Review has also commenced and the steering group and wider correspondence group have been working to establish a clear scope, as well as outcomes of the review. By now you should have received an email with a link to a survey. A number of responses have been received to date but it would be great to get responses from all member organisations. The deadline for responding is 11th August.