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08 March 2018

Community Housing Cymru to launch new Code of Governance

A new Code of Governance for Welsh housing associations will be revealed after an eight week consultation period with the sector, Community Housing Cymru has said.

The new code will take a different approach to traditional governance practices, focusing on organisational culture rather than processes.

It will comprise seven foundation principles for good governance, including organisational purpose; leadership; integrity; decision making; risk and control; board effectiveness; diversity; and openness and transparency.

The work to develop the code has coincided with the Regulatory Board for Wales’ (RBW) review of governance of the housing association sector.

Speaking at the organisation’s Governance Conference, Chief Executive Stuart Ropke said the new Code of Governance demonstrates the aspirational ethos of the Welsh housing sector.

“Big ambitions require strong leadership. We are no longer talking about process but culture. No longer prescribing a checklist but a set of principles that organisations and boards will interpret and adopt in the best way to fit the purpose and mission of their particular organisation.

“The code reflects our position as independent, private organisations with a diverse set of stakeholders ranging from tenants, customers and service users, our partners in central and local government, employees, investors and the communities in which we operate.

“The code will help boards and leadership teams to think more clearly and strategically about mission, purpose and structure. It will also assist the regulator as the judgement of good governance will be focussed on outcomes and culture and not solely compliance.

“The evolution of our Code of Governance is demonstrative of a sector which aspires to be the best it can be. Which understand the responsibility it has as major investors in the Welsh economy and as providers of a public service.

“We are in a time of huge uncertainty and challenge. But in a time when housing associations in Wales can make a bigger difference than ever before as we strive to make Wales a place where good housing is a basic right for all.”

To contribute to the new code please email [email protected]

Stuart's full speech is available to read here.