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12 September 2013

CHC Welcomes Sector Study on Governance of Housing Associations Registered in Wales

Report to be discussed at Housing Associations' Governance in Wales event tomorrow.

The Welsh Government has today published its review on Governance across the Housing Association sector in Wales. The research, commissioned by the Regulatory Board for Wales, emphasizes the considerable progress the sector has made on governance over the last few years. Some associations are now regarded as “beacons of excellence”, living and breathing a culture which supports good governance while others have made significant changes which reflect their commitment to achieving better governance.
However, the report recognizes that the sector is facing a number of challenges over the next couple of years - not least, welfare reform. To ensure the sector remains ‘fit for purpose’ and can meet the challenges ahead, the report suggests complacency is not an option and for some Associations, a step change will be required.

Commenting on the report:

Tim Blanch, Chair of CHC said: “The Governance Review in many respects, confirms what we already understand about governance across the sector and it is encouraging that all Housing Associations have signed up to CHC’s Charter of Good Governance”
“ We broadly welcome the findings from this report which again highlights the importance of action on the recommendations in the Welsh Government “Interim Evaluation of the Regulatory Framework for Housing Associations Registered in Wales”.

For further information and to read the full report visit Welsh Government’s website http://wales.gov.uk/about/aboutresearch/social/latestresearch/sector-study-governance-housing-associations-registered-wales/?lang=en