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24 October 2017

CHC responds to detailed Welsh Government draft budget proposals

Following an initial announcement on 3 October (read CHC's response here), the Welsh Government has today published detailed proposals for its draft budget. The proposals show that the Supporting People budget line will disappear in 2019/20 and will instead be merged with several other budget lines. This news follows Plaid Cymru's announcement three weeks ago on its two year budget agreement with Labour, confirming that the Supporting People Programme fund would be protected (read CHC's response here).

Stuart Ropke, CHC's Chief Executive, said: “Welsh Government and Plaid Cymru’s budget deal earlier this month recognised the importance of the Supporting People programme to some of the most vulnerable people in Wales and provided much needed certainty to support investment in vital services. We will urgently seek clarity from Welsh Government to ensure that this move to merge budget lines does not threaten the important stability that these services are based on. It is crucial that Supporting People remains protected as a ring-fenced funding pot for housing related support and prevention of homelessness.”

Read Welsh Government's full draft budget proposals here.