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26 June 2015

CHC comments on Stage 1 Committee Report for Renting Homes (Wales) Bill

The Communities, Equality and Local Government Committee has today published its Renting Homes (Wales) Bill Stage 1 Committee Report. Lesley Griffiths, Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty, introduced the Renting Homes (Wales) Bill into the National Assembly on Monday 9th February 2015. CHC responded to the initial consultation in March and also gave evidence at a Communities, Equality and Local Government Committee meeting last month.

Commenting on the Stage 1 Committee Report, Amanda Oliver, CHC’s Head of Policy and Research, said: “Overall, we support the Committee’s recommendations. However, we are concerned that the proposal on abandonment will further reduce the supply of social housing which is already far outstripped by demand. We are also disappointed that a mandatory Ground based on serious rent arrears will only be available for standard contracts. As austerity and welfare cuts continue, tenants will have less money and may struggle with rent payments. There is a limit to how much subsidising of rent arrears housing associations can do without posing a significant risk to the business, therefore the removal of Ground 8 is deeply worrying.’

You can read the full report on the National Assembly for Wales' website.