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12 August 2013

Benefit Cap rolled out across Wales

The Benefit Cap has been rolled out to all parts of Wales today. The cap has been set at £26,000 per annum for couples and single parents whose children live with them, and £18,200 per annum for single people or single parents whose children don’t live with them.

Clare James, Policy Officer at CHC said: “Despite suggestions that this will primarily affect tenants in London and the South East we know that the Cap will also adversely affect tenants living in Wales, with 300 households in Cardiff affected.

The cap will impact upon families and their ability to pay high private rents and there will be increasing pressure on the social rented sector as a result.

Capping the amount of housing benefit a person receives won’t solve the welfare bill. Rents are high because of lack of supply and until we see a long-term affordable house building programme that will drive down the price of rents for everybody, housing costs should be removed from the cap.'

If you will be affected by the Benefit Cap, speak to one of our independent money advisors on 0300 303 1073 or text ‘change’ to 80018 and an advisor will phone you back.

For further information on the benefit cap, please see the ‘getting the facts’ section of the Your Benefits are Changing website.