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10 February 2014

Armed Forces Community Covenants

To improve services for the ex-Forces community in Wales, Local Authorities are signing up to Armed Forces Community Covenants – voluntary statements of mutual support between the Armed Forces and civilian communities. These Covenants are intended to support, at a local level, the Armed Forces Covenant which outlines the mutual obligations between the Nation, the Government and the Armed Forces. The provision of housing is a vital issue to the Armed Forces community, as it is to all, and it is hoped that local authorities, housing associations and other providers can work together to help increase public understanding and awareness of the issues affecting the Armed Forces when they return to civilian life. It is also hoped that service providers will recognise that they already deliver vital services to this community and by working together, alongside service charities such as the Royal British Legion, members of the Armed Forces community can benefit from a more joined-up approach across a number of sectors.

In Wales, all local authorities have signed up.

For more information about Community Covenants and the needs of the Armed Forces community, please contact Peter Evans, Public Affairs Manager at the Royal British Legion on [email protected] or call 029 2032 9086.