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09 August 2013

£1.9m for Co-operative Housing Pilot

Housing and Regeneration Minister Carl Sargeant has today announced £1,909,150 capital funding for three pioneer co-operative housing pilot schemes in Newport, Cardiff and Carmarthenshire.

The Minister said:

“This is a welcome step forward in delivering on the Welsh Government‘s commitment to develop new ways of providing housing through initiatives such as co-operatives. These three pilot schemes have the potential to provide around 89 co-operative homes and I am pleased to say further schemes which have the potential to deliver over 400 homes across Wales are in the pipeline."

You can view the press release here: http://wales.gov.uk/newsroom/housingandcommunity/2013/support-for-co-op-housing-pilot-schemes/?lang=en

The three most advanced cooperative pioneer projects delivered by Cadwyn Housing Association, Charter Housing Association and Carmarthenshire Local Authority have been working closely with the Welsh Government and the Wales-Cooperative Centre (WCC). These projects were identified by the WCC as being the most advanced via the monitoring work carried out.

The pilot projects will provided much needed affordable homes in Wales and will demonstrate the viability of housing co-operatives.