Housing Horizons

Housing Horizons is a project run by Community Housing Cymru, the membership body for Welsh housing associations.

What's the main aim of Housing Horizons?

Housing Horizons’ main aim is to set a long-term vision for housing associations in Wales. This vision will position housing associations as a partner of choice and an integral part of the solution to the housing crisis.


Why do we need a long term vision?

Housing is a long term business, but we operate in a short term political and funding environment which means that priorities can shift and uncertainty can limit our ambitions. We need an aspirational and long-lasting vision for housing associations which will enable the sector to influence and lead policy decisions in Wales.


How can I get involved? 

After conducting extensive research with members and stakeholders during Phase One, we're ready to launch Phase Two - Establishing the Challenge. Click here to find out more!

Read Clarissa's blog post for a summary of what was achieved during Phase One.