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Webinar: Not just “pensions”? Using pensions to support your social purpose

May 26, 2022 @ 10:00am 1.15hr Online
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What do you want your pension schemes to achieve? Are you aware of the positive social and environmental impact your pension arrangements can have? And how can you integrate pensions into your wider social purpose? In this webinar, Isio will explore the question "Just pensions or something bigger?".

The session will include discussions on:

  • A housing association’s full social footprint – including pensions investments
  • DB pensions vs. providing housing – directing your resources at the right time
  • Provider selection – how the DB and DC market is changing to meet consumer demand
  • The “S” in “ESG” – how can housing associations join the dots between social purpose and pensions?
  • Ensuring your pensions offer is inclusive to all