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Training: 4403 - Governing Well

September 29, 2021 @ 9:30am 4 x 3.5 hour sessions Online
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This course will take place over 4 sessions. Session two will run on 5th October, session 3 on 6th October and session 4 on 12th October all from 9.30am-1pm. Cost covers all sessions.

Who is this training for?

People who have been board members for more than 12 months and who want to review or refresh their knowledge and further develop their governance and leadership skills.

Participants will have an opportunity to network with board members from their own and/or other organisations.

What is the aim of this training?

To provide more experienced Board members with an opportunity to reflect on how they can use their existing skills, knowledge and experience to further develop their leadership skills so improving their contribution to organisational strategy, performance and assurance.

What are the key outcomes from this training?

As a result of attending this training participants will gain:

  • Greater understanding of how to provide strategic leadership and how they can better support the development of the right tone and culture for the organisation, whilst ensuring the organisation’s vision and aims are appropriate for its size, income and complexity.
  • Insight into good practice when building and maintaining effective relationships and diversity so that Board members play their part well in maintaining public trust in their organisation with the executive and Board working as a team
  • Tools for improving existing frameworks for delegation, decision-making and risk management so that the Board can be confident the right level of assurance and accountability is in place and the organisation is transparent, well managed and sustainable.

The course will cover:

Module 1: Providing clear strategic leadership

  • Developing your strategy and communicating your aims and values
  • Building the right culture and being open and accountable to stakeholders and the wider community
  • Managing your reputation and building public confidence and trust

Module 2: Working well as a Board

  • Applying the 7 principles of the CHC Code of Governance
  • Maintaining high standards of integrity and probity
  • Managing conflicts: commitment, interests and loyalty
  • Embracing diversity

Module 3: Managing risks and making effective decisions

  • Developing your risk culture: the fundamentals of good risk management and control
  • Maintaining effective financial planning and control
  • Working with the Executive to make effective decisions and delegating successfully

Module 4: Running a successful and sustainable organisation

  • Asking the right questions: scrutinising organisational performance and gaining assurance
  • Understanding and applying Value for Money principles
  • Working well with partners and stakeholders and using feedback to drive good quality community-focused services