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Training: 4417 - Find Your Calm

March 16, 2022 @ 10:00am 4 x 1 hour sessions Online

The programme will run over 4 sessions - the other dates are 23rd, 30th of March and 6th of April 2022, all from 10am to 11am

‘Find your Calm’ is an online and interactive social-emotional and mindfulness-based 4 week wellbeing programme to help adults develop their sense of ease and wellbeing, and learn how to embed mindfulness into their daily lives. There are four 60 minute online sessions, one each week for 4 weeks. These sessions delivered using Microsoft Teams aim to provide a safe and nurturing space for participants to develop their self-awareness, sense of well-being, share experiences and gain insights into mindfulness based practices and meditation. The programme aims to help participants gain a deeper understanding of themselves and how they can uncover wellbeing in their everyday lives.

A brief overview of the 4 sessions is provided here:

Session One

  • Introductions and checking in with everyone
  • What do we mean by mindfulness
  • Mindfulness and being present
  • The science behind mindfulness practices
  • A 10 minute mindfulness meditation
  • Closing with a 2 minute mindfulness meditation

Session Two

  • Welcome and checking in with everyone
  • A 10 minute mindfulness meditation
  • Exploring how we perceive and give meaning
  • Exploring our everyday emotions and experiences and uncovering space
  • Listening and addressing daily challenges through mindfulness
  • Closing with a 2 minute mindfulness meditation

Session Three

  • Checking in with everyone
  • A 10 minute mindfulness meditation
  • Our inner world and outer world
  • Auto-pilot habits and reactivity
  • Practising mindful listening and connecting in our everyday situations
  • Closing with a 2 minute mindfulness meditation

Session Four

  • Checking in with everyone
  • A 10 minute mindfulness meditation
  • Exploring acceptance and courage
  • A daily practice - kindness, compassion and gratefulness
  • Embedding mindfulness in our everyday lives
  • Closing with a 2 minute mindfulness meditation

About the trainer:

Dr Sangeet Bhullar is the founder of WISE KIDS, a UK based non profit company founded in 2002 to promote Digital Literacy, Digital Citizenship and Wellbeing for a Connected World. WISE KIDS works with young people, families, educators , community groups and other professionals in the UK and internationally to develop their Digital Knowledge, Digital Competency, Sense of Agency and Wellbeing, so they can thrive online and offline.

Sangeet has also had a personal meditation and mindfulness practice for over 20 years. She has increasingly been drawing on this experience and delivering workshops to help others discover how a mindfulness based practice and understanding can support them to thrive in their everyday life, offline and online. These wellbeing programmes are delivered have been delivered for organisations like schools, charities and other agencies. She has recently created WISDOM CIRCLES, through which this work is now delivered. Sangeet is also a member of a number of advisory government and non government boards in the UK.

The cost of this course also includes a shared private online resource page with recordings of the weekly meditations and other useful links for participants to deepen their knowledge of mindfulness.