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4428 - Chairing Effective Meetings

December 8, 2021 @ 10:00am 2 x 2 hour sessions Online

The second part of this course will take place on 09/12/21 - 10am-12noon

Course summary:

Most of us know there is a huge difference between a well-run meeting and one without an effective chair. This course explores the difference between the two, and shares a set of skills, ideas and frameworks that help chairs preside over effective, efficient, and productive meetings.

Whether chairing a board, a team meeting, or a group discussion the workshop explores concepts that help keep things on track, maximise effective participation and increase accountability. This is an opportunity for new chairs to gain valuable skills and for more experienced practitioners to reflect on their abilities and to learn from peers. To keep pace with this fast-changing world we also consider the how chairing needs to adapt to be effective in virtual or blended/hybrid environments.

Course content:

  • Discover how actions taken by the chair before, during and after a meeting can streamline proceedings and maximise engagement
  • Consider how power dynamics can play positive or negative roles in meetings
  • Explore how personality types engage differently and how a chair can use this to manage a meeting more effectively
  • Discover techniques to achieve consensus, even in large meetings
  • Explore how keep conversations productive and on track
  • Consider how chairing needs to adapt to live, virtual and blended meetings
  • Reflect on your own skills and confidence as a chair

About our trainer:

Neil Almond is a highly regarded executive coach, facilitator and consultant. His own C-suite experience led him to work with the likes of Sir Richard Branson and The Rt Hon Tony Blair and, as an award-winning change agent, he has an impressive client list. Neil holds an MA in Coaching and Mentoring, is a Master Trainer of NLP and is in the process of completing an MBA in Management Consulting. Neil also runs 91Untold, an agency specialising in facilitating live, virtual & blended events as well as bringing learning & change projects to life through digital media.