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Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference 2022

February 16, 2022 @ 9:00am 2 days Online

Building on the successful two-day wellbeing conference run last year, we will be looking at the impact that Covid has had on our wellbeing and people strategies going forward. What are the challenges that this presents for us as HR professionals? What have we learnt about our people, their wellbeing and how we can support and engage our workforce? We’ll touch on challenging issues such as dealing with bereavement and its impact on wellbeing. We’ll reflect on what it’s like to not open up and admit you are struggling. We’ll also look to other countries to be challenged on how we can improve our wellbeing. We’ll have a strategic and operational focus in our workshops over the two days. And hopefully we’ll motivate and inspire you to implement changes to enhance and safeguard your employees’ wellbeing.

We have an early booking discount of £30 which would be applied to the pricing below for bookings made before 17/01/2022.

Ticket options are flexible: you can book to attend the conference for one day or two days.

Pricing is set out as follows:

  • Member 2 days £255.00
  • Member 1 day £170.00
  • Charity/Vol Sector 2 days £300.00
  • Charity/Vol Sector 1 day £190.00
  • Commercial Delegates 2 days £380.00
  • Commercial Delegates 1 day £270.00
  • Commercial Member 2 days - 25% discount £285.00
  • Commercial Member 1 day - 25% discount £202.50