Socio-Economic Impact Report

For the past seven years, Community Housing Cymru has commissioned the Welsh Economy Research Unit at Cardiff Business School to carry out a report to measure the impact of Welsh housing associations and community mutuals.


Socio-Economi Impact Report 2018 (Full Report)

Socio-Economic Impact Report 2018 (Infographic)


Socio-Economic Impact Report 2017 (Full Report)

Socio-Economic Impact Report 2017 (Infographic) 


Socio-Economic Impact Report 2016 (Full Report)

Socio-Economic Impact Report 2016 (Infographic)


WERU Full Report 2015

WERU Infographic 2015


WERU Full Report 2014

WERU Infographic 2014

Measuring the Economic Impact of Welsh Housing Associations


WERU Infographic 2013

WERU Full Report 2013


WERU Executive Summary 2012

WERU Full Report 2012


WERU Executive Summary 2011

WERU Full Report


WERU Executive Summary 2010

WERU Full report 2010


WERU Executive Summary 2009

WERU Full Report 2009


WERU Executive Summary 2008

WERU Full Report 2008