Pay Transparency Report

We have appointed Turning Point HR solutions, an independent Reward Consultancy, to collate and analyse data directly provided by housing associations on senior management remuneration.

While senior management pay has always been publically available, the intention of this report is to present senior management pay information in one place, and follows recommendations from the Public Accounts Committee to generate greater transparency and openness in the sector.

Pay Transparency Report 2018

  • 36 Welsh Housing Associations (HAs) participated in the salary benchmarking survey 
  • 11% of the Welsh housing sector is led by a Chief Executive from a BAME background, which compares to 2% in the wider UK housing sector.
  • Gender pay data relating to 5th April 2017 shows that parity in the sector is encouraging, with an even number of CEOs from each gender in the cohort. This compares to the national average, which shows typically 73% of males make up CEO jobs.  

Pay Transparency Report 2019

  • 37 Welsh Housing Associations participated in the salary benchmarking survey
  • Female CEOs outnumber men in Welsh Housing Associations at 53% to 47%, compared to the UK average of 72.8% male to 27.2% female
  • 24% of Welsh Housing Associations paid members of the board as an incentive to attract the right skills and diversity to the roles