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We need to go above and beyond Scottish model


The upcoming welfare reform changes, including the introduction of Universal Credit, and the removal of the direct payment of housing benefit to landlords, will expose many of the most vulnerable people in society to challenges they have never faced before. To date, UK Government have...more

Welsh housing associations - the bigger picture


Independent research suggests that the Welsh Government’s target of building 7,500 new affordable homes by 2015 can be achieved, but only if the current level of investment is sustained. This is according to a report by the Welsh Economic Research Unit (WERU), commissioned by Community...more

Governments reach new agreement on Welsh funding


In a joint announcement today, the Welsh and UK Governments have announced progress on the future funding of Wales.

Both Governments have commied to negotiating to achieve a sustainable arrangement for Welsh devolved funding and the UK public finances, that each can accept as being...more

New report on progress of WHQS


Following on from the Wales Audit Office report in January, the Welsh Government have this week published a report on the progress of the Welsh Housing Quality Standard.

The key points from the latest release are:

  • At 31 March 2012 a total of 72,329 social housing dwellings (33...more

CHC responds to Draft Budget - Investment welcomed but falls short for stimulus


The Welsh Government has today published their Draft Budget proposals for 2013-14. CHC believe that the draft budget is far short of the type of stimulus package being debated at UK level.

Yesterday Ed Balls used his speech at the Labour Party conference in Manchester to spell out...more

CHC responds to plans by David Cameron to stop Housing Benefit for those under 25


Nick Bennett, Group Chief Executive of Community Housing Cymru said: ‘Our members, Welsh housing associations, are working hard to implement and communicate the latest round of welfare reform changes. Housing benefit reform is already creating rises in homelessness applications and...more

Without investment and innovation, Welsh housing target would take 11 years to reach


An additional £5million for the Empty Homes recyclable loan, a mortgage guarantee scheme for first time buyers and an additional £6million for the Welsh Housing Partnership were announced as part of the Welsh Government’s Infrastructure Investment Plan for Growth and Jobs today. 


Moneyline voted Responsible Lender of the Year 2012


A social business that lends money to a customer largely ignored and unwanted by banks has scooped the prestigious “Credit Today: Responsible Lender of the Year 2012” for the second consecutive year.

Moneyline Cymru has five high street outlets in South Wales whose aim is to provide...more