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Why is the social housing sector so important?

The last few years have seen a significant change in the landscape of social housing in Wales and there are now eleven stock transfer organisations (community mutuals) in Wales.

As a result of these new housing organisations, housing associations and community mutuals are now the largest providers of social housing in Wales.

Housing associations and community mutuals are key economic players in Wales, supporting regeneration of the most deprived and marginalised communities across the country.

CHC has conducted a survey over the last 8 years which looks at the impact that housing associations and community mutuals make in Welsh communities.

Did you know that in 2015/16, Welsh housing associations:

- Provided an additional 2,322 homes (551 were provided without Social Housing Grant). 
- Directly spent £1055m and contributed £1970m to the economy (directly and indirectly). The proportion of spend retained in Wales has increased from 79% in 2014/15 to 89% in 2015/16.
- Spent £489.5m on construction, maintenance and repairs.
- Directly employed 9,109 people and supported over 23,000 FTE jobs in Wales. For every one full time person employed by a housing association, one and a half jobs are supported elsewhere in the economy.
- Spent £519m on regeneration. Expenditure on community regeneration projects, including employment and training, has increased by £7m.

We are a sector with the ability and track record to deliver.

Becoming a commercial member of CHC, at an affordable cost, would offer you networking opportunities with the key people involved with housing in Wales and give you access to information and advice that may not be open to your competitors.

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