In-house training

CHC offers in-house training to all its members in a wide range of topics. We have access to a number of highly experienced trainers and we have an excellent track record in this area. Just ask about any topics you require and we will try our best to find the perfect course for you. 

In-house training comes with a range of benefits:

  • Save money! Charges are applied at a daily rate rather than per person. 16-20 people can attend, dependent on the course.
  • Avoid traffic! Staff can feel comfortable at their own premises, avoiding the inconvenience of travelling and parking, and saving on additional costs.
  • Work together! If you find that you don’t have enough members of staff in your organisation to fill a course, you could work with a partner who has the same training needs. CHC can help its members with this by putting you in touch with each other.
  • Have it your way! Offering the training specifically to your team gives us the opportunity to tailor courses to suit your organisation’s needs. We encourage you to send us any policies or tenancy agreements to ensure that the training covers what’s most important to you.

For more information and to receive your personalised in-house quote, please contact