Governance training

Good governance ensures our organisations not only comply with legal and regulatory requirements, but that we also achieve the highest standards to meet our organisational objectives.

We are expanding in role, scale and complexity with differing governance structures. Now housing associations are delivering more supported housing and care services and diversifying to provide homes to people from all walks of life. 

Being a board member is a significant responsibility and in a post Grenfell environment, the pressure on boards has never been greater. The need to be equipped to offer the right level of support, while staying on top of current issues and risks is essential.

Earlier this year we launched our Code of Governance to support the sector to achieve excellent Governance. Our new training programme aligns with our Code and will equip board members at all levels with the tools, skills and confidence to govern well.

New course details:

Governing Well - to book a space click here

Designed for board members who have been in post 12 months

or more (4 days) – delivered by Deborah Walthorne


1. Strategic leadership

2. Working well as a board

3. Managing risks and making effective decisions

4. Running a successful & sustainable organisation

New to Board - to book a space click here

An induction for new Board Members (3 days)

– delivered by Deborah Walthorne


1. Understanding

housing associations

2. Exploring the role of the Board

3. Using your skills, knowledge and experience well– enquire for more details

An introduction to Governance - to book a space click here

Created for prospective board members (1 day) – delivered by Deborah Walthorne


1. Understanding Governance

2. Money Matters – finance for non-finance people

3. Managing without discrimination

Iron Grip

Designed for a full board (1/2 day) – delivered by HQN Cymru


1. Stress testing business plan

2. Preparing for crisis

3. Decision making


Created for a full board who require advanced skills (1/2 day) – delivered by HQN Cymru


1. Managing reputation

– not just finance

2. How to behave in a crisis

3. When to talk to the regulator

4. Unintended consequences of taking remedial action


Courses 1-3 - £145 per day - these are avaiable for bookings here, or contact Lesley for any in-house enquiries using the link below..

Courses 4-5 - *Costs tailored to each housing association are dependent on pre-course preparation

Email Lesley Smith for more information