4307- An Introduction to Governance

Date: November 11, 2019, 9:30 am until: November 11, 2019, 4:30 pm

Event Type: Training

Venue: CHC Offices, Cardiff

Training Type: General

Member Price: £ £145

Non Member Price: £ 245

A one-day training course for potential Housing Association board members 

Who is this training for?

Those who have an interest in becoming Board members for an Housing Association.

What is the aim of this training?

To provide learners with an understanding of the basics of good governance whilst helping them identify the skills, knowledge and experience they can bring to the role of Board member.

What are the key outcomes from this training?

As a result of taking part in this training participants will gain:

  • An understanding of the key roles and responsibilities of good governance and a specific understanding of the regulatory regime for housing associations in Wales 
  • Insight into the clear difference between governing and representing. And the skills required to do both well.
  • Knowledge of the fundamentals of good financial, risk and performance management alongside the importance of diversity and relationship management.
The course will cover:

Understanding Governance

  • Understanding the role of the Board
  • ‘Governing’ vs ‘representing’ – the difference between the two and managing any conflicts
  • Being effective and accountable – the key skills any Board members needs

Money Matters – Finance for “Non-finance People”

  • How to run a financially sustainable and efficient organisation
  • Maintaining effective financial control and probity
  • Understanding and applying Value for Money principles

Managing Without Discrimination

  • Living up to Equality & Diversity: what are the legal duties placed on organisations today?
  • Why is it important to understand other perspectives?
  • When and where could we exceed the legal minimum requirements?

Understanding Risk

  • What is risk?
  • Where do our key risks come from?
  • What are the principles of good risk management?

Monitoring Performance

  • Understanding performance indicators
  • Asking the right questions and using information to make good decisions
  • Understanding “the big picture” rather than monitoring day-to-day operations

Making Meetings Work

  • Getting the most out of meetings and developing your communication skills
  • Working as a team – managing relationships, diverse views and conflicts
  • Balancing the need for openness and confidentiality


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