2019 Communications Conference

Date:09:00 24 January 2019 until: 17:00 24 January 2019

Event Type: Conference

Venue: Village Hotel, Swansea Langdon Road, Swansea, SA1 8QY

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Comms in a Digital Age

Digital activity is now at the forefront of most communications strategies.

The exciting tech world gives us a cost-effective opportunity to gain audience insights, target people effectively, and then accurately measure impact. 

But what knowledge do we need to be digital experts in this fast-paced environment? What infrastructure and skills must be in place for us to achieve our comms goals?

Join us at ‘Comms in a Digital Age’ where experts ranging from brand strategists to podcast creators will be on hand to give us the practical tips we need to thrive.

The full programme is here.

The cost to attend the day is £255 per person.


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