Strategic Delivery Groups

Our Strategic Delivery Groups (which have replaced the old network structure), focus on the priorities members have told us are most important to them via our Corporate Plan

The Delivery Groups will be focused on developing policy ideas, identifying future risks and opportunities, horizon scanning and responding to and shaping government and stakeholder policy ideas.  Each group has a workplan which closely aligns with the relevant priorities in our corporate plan.

The Strategic Delivery Groups are as follows:

The delivery groups form part of our CHC Connect offer, which can be found here.

The terms of reference for the Delivery Groups can be found here. Discussions in between each Strategic Delivery Group meeting take place on our external Yammer network for members, and all notes and workplans are also posted on Yammer. 

If you would like to receive information about any of the delivery groups mentioned above or would like an invitation to the Yammer network, please contact