Resources Conference 2014

Emerging Global Risks
Successful Succession Planning
The Finance Leadership Network - Progress and Next Steps
Stress Free Securitisation
Handling a Storm in a Crisis
Social Media and Netiquette
Section 106, Maximising your Assets
Measuring Social Impact
Energy Purchasing: A Guide to the Changing Energy Landscape
eLearning Presentation
Notes to accompany eLearning
Six Thinking Hats
Rethinking Housing - New Ideas for Developing, designing, constructing and funding sustainable housing
Mergers: Motives, Message Management and Morale
Pensions Update
Governance & Risk: Learning from Problem Cases
Uncover the Secret of Delivering Value for Money

Draft Housing SORP Update

Workplace Policies for Domestic Abuse

Digital Story to go with Workplace Policies for Domestic Abuse

Demonstrating the Value of HR on the bottom line

Visual Minutes from 2014 Resources Conference