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There is a housing crisis in Wales. A lack of good quality, genuinely affordable housing means thousands of people are living in sub-standard accommodation and waiting lists are growing.

This isn’t good enough.

If we want to create a future where people have a home they can afford, in a community where they want to live, we need to do things differently.

We need to collaborate, we need to innovate, we need to challenge.

That’s where our Alcemi programme comes in.

Housing Futures

Housing Futures is a collaboration with the National Housing Federation and the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations to build innovation capacity within the housing sector in Wales while building a culture of collaboration.

Working with Innovation experts ?Whatif!, we want every housing association in Wales to benefit from working together on a sector-wide scale to tackle our shared challenges.

This is the biggest collaborative exercise ever undertaken by our sector, and we’ll also benefit from working with teams from across England and Scotland.

We've hit the ground running in 2020 with this programme and we need YOU!

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