2017 Finance and IT Conference

Making Sense of Economic Landscape - Hao Ran Wee, Barclays Bank

Preparing for Digital Shift - Mark Moynihan, Aaeron

Social Housing Pension Scheme - Gary Bradley, The Pensions Trust

NPV / Financial Viability of Stock - Mark Potter and Caroline Lewis, Cardiff Community HA

Creating Bespoke Software - Richard Troot, Wales & West HA

Risk Management: The route to diversification and transparency - Ruth Murray-Webster

Unlocking Potential Housing latent capacity - David Eastgate

Enhancing Customer Experience - Francis Hipple, HACT

Effectively Engaging the board and audit committee in Risk Management - Nigel Ireland , Barcud Shared Service

Procurement and Tendering - Stephen Thompson, Darwin Gray

How to Finance the development of 20,000 homes, Helga Warren and Carrie Satherley, Welsh Government

Housing Horizons, Clarissa Corbisiero-Peters, Community Housing Cymru

A New Political Landscape - Rhodri ab Owen, Positif

Funding of Welfare Reform - Paul Webb, Welsh Government

Housings Adventures in data Science - Mark Moynihan, 1st Touch

Funding in a Changing Environment - Henrietta Pod, JCRA

Housing and Regulation, Helen White, Welsh Regulatory Board

Faster Adaptability is the new Core Competency in the new economy - Stephen Parry, Lean Voices