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4428 - High Impact Facilitation

Ionawr 10, 2022 @ 2:00yh 2 x 2 hour sessions Online
Pris Aelod


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Part 2 will be held on Friday 14th January from 10am-12noon

Course summary:

Facilitation is at the heart of a contemporary housing sector. Through effective facilitation professionals can create alignment, gather information, deepen learning, or engage tenants and other stakeholders in meaningful discussion. Facilitation is more than just a conversation, there are techniques, skills and ideas that can help maximise success. This two-part virtual workshop is designed to share some of the most impactful of these concepts, proven to make meaningful impact regardless of your experience level.

This course offers an opportunity to reflect on your own skills whilst exploring facilitation techniques designed to help you become even more effective in your facilitative practice. The course will also explore the different approaches needed to facilitate in virtual, live and blended/hybrid environments.

Course content:

  • Discover how to frame facilitation sessions to have them run smoothly
  • Consider how to structure a session for learning, engagement or alignment.
  • Explore questioning techniques to uncover the deep structure of communications and the ‘question behind the question’.
  • Consider how live, virtual and blended facilitations can be run to include all opinions without people dominating
  • Increase your own confidence as a facilitator

About our trainer:

Neil Almond is a highly regarded executive coach, facilitator and consultant. His own C-suite experience led him to work with the likes of Sir Richard Branson and The Rt Hon Tony Blair and, as an award-winning change agent, he has an impressive client list. Neil holds an MA in Coaching and Mentoring, is a Master Trainer of NLP and is in the process of completing an MBA in Management Consulting. Neil also runs 91Untold, an agency specialising in facilitating live, virtual & blended events as well as bringing learning & change projects to life through digital media.