The work we are involved in can often be very jargon and acronym heavy. Community Housing Cymru, in collaboration with our members has produced this jargon-buster to help make this information more user-friendly.

ASP: Accredited Support Provider

HaVGHAP: Homeless People and Vulnerable Groups Health Action Plan

LA: Local Authority

LCP: Local Commissioning Plan

LHB: Local Health Board

LSB: Local Service Board

LSVT: Large Scale Voluntary Transfer Body

RCC: Regional Collaborative Committee

RCP: Regional Commissioning Plan

RSL: Registered Social Landlord

SPNAB: Supporting People National Advisory Board

SPPG: Supporting People Programme Grant

SP: Supporting People

SPV: Special Purpose Vehicle

WASP: Welsh Accredited Support Provider

WG: Welsh Government

WHQS: Welsh Housing Quality Standard

WLGA: Welsh Local Government Authority