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Regulation and governance SDG

In 2021/22, this SDG will focus on the following strategic priorities identified by the sector:

  • Monitor and support the approach to regulation during the ‘pause’ in the full regulatory regime due to Covid 19.

  • Work with Welsh Government to support the review of the Regulatory Framework for Wales.

  • Supporting a learning culture across regulation and governance, with particular emphasis on the response to the ongoing Covid 19 crisis.

  • Influence CHC governance support package, including reviews of the CHC code of governance and model rules.

Full summary

Chair: Daniel Lewis, CCHA

Vice chair: Joanna Fairley, Newport City Homes

CHC lead: Laura Courtney

Other information

The terms of reference for this group can be found here

Past meetings

15 September 2021

16 June 2021

22 March 2021

11 January 2021

25 November 2020

29 September 2020