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Housing association chairs and vice chairs SDG

In 2021/22, this SDG will focus on the following strategic priorities identified by the sector:

  • Influencing the regulatory reset activity (including CHC’s code of governance)

  • Shaping CHC’s support in regards to the shared prosperity fund and regional investment mechanisms

  • Shaping CHC's advocacy work on health, care and wellbeing - sharing insight and lessons learnt from Covid 19 about how we can build meaningful partnerships

  • Exploring the role boards can play in the sector’s efforts to end evictions into homelessness

Full summary

Chair: Jonathan Huish, Trivallis

Vice chair: Julia Attwell, Linc Cymru

CHC leads: Stuart Ropke and Clarissa Corbisiero

Other information

The Terms of Reference for this group can be found here [Link to document]

Past meetings

26 March 2021

  • Notes [ENG/CYM PDF in folder]
  • Presentation: Working together to end homelessness from social housing, Shelter Cymru
  • Presentation: Preventing Evictions Protocol, Monmouthshire Housing Association
  • Presentation: End Youth Homelessness Cymru
  • ​End Youth Homeless Cymru Roadmap 2021

28 January 2021

  • Notes [ENG/CYM PDF in folder]
  • Presentation: Health, Care & Wellbeing
  • Presentation: Regulatory Framework and CHC Code of Governance Review

10 December 2020

  • Notes [ENG/CYM PDF in folder]
  • Brexit: Regen, Regions and Relationships
  • Senedd Elections 2021: Local campaigning

17 September 2020

  • Notes [ENG/CYM PDF in folder]