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Finance SDG

In 2021/22, this SDG will focus on the following strategic priorities identified by the sector:

  • Influencing and implementing the new social housing grant framework.

  • Influencing proposals to fund the decarbonisation of existing homes.

  • Understanding the work to ensure rents are affordable.

  • Helping secure long-term capital investment in housing.

  • Helping ensure the sector is appropriately open and transparent.

  • Addressing issues affecting the financial well-being of the sector.

  • Pensions, insurance, and other technical finance management

  • Treasury management - lending and risk considerations.

  • Promote an environment of enterprise and innovation.

Full summary

Chair: Simon Jones, Coastal Housing Group

Vice chair: Sophie Taylor, Bron Afon Community Housing

CHC leads: Stuart Ropke

Other information

The terms of reference for this group can be found here