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Communications and external affairs SDG

In 2021/22, this SDG will focus on the following strategic priorities identified by the sector:

  • This is Housing campaign

  • Senedd Election Campaign and formation of the next Welsh Government: Telling the sector’s story and influencing strong local relationships

  • Internal communications

Full summary

Chair: Nia Rolfe, Cadwyn Housing

Vice chair: Jayne Rotheroe, Linc Cymru

CHC leads: Rhea Stevens and James Crichton-Smith

Other information

The workplan [Link to document] provides further detail on how this group will address those priority areas.

The terms of reference for this group can be found here [Link to document]

Past meetings

22 April 2020

  • Notes

11 February 2020

  • Notes [ENG/CYM in folder]

17 November 2020

  • Notes [ENG/CYM in folder]

22 September 2020

  • Notes [ENG/CYM in folder]