What will

success look like?


  • Members will be informed of CHC’s board activities through the release of timely reports outlining key board actions and decisions.

  • The recruitment process will attract high calibre candidates to fulfil the skills required to bring the CHC board up to full speed.

  • Successful appointment of a new CHC Board at the AGM in November 2017.

What will

success look like?


  • Options appraisal for fully integrated CRM and website which allows for delegate bookings and online payments.

  • Project plan in place across the organisation.

  • Staff involvement and buy-in on direction of travel.

What will

success look like?


  • Values created and embedded.

  • Values lived by all staff.

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Running a

great member



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Ensuring that our internal governance arrangements are first class




  • Conduct skills audit of existing board members.

  • Open recruitment of a skills based board.

  • Open board meetings with the sector.

  • Election of new board at the AGM

Developing an organisation wide IT strategy to enhance internal infrastructure and data storage, and a CRM which will manage and analyse member interactions and data more effectively.

Strategy to allow for e-commerce solutions for online transactions




  • Research: Review our CRM.

  • Conduct user experience research on our website.

  • Scoping exercise as to what’s available.

  • Understand wider internal IT needs of the organisation – and ensuring links and integration with other systems.

Re-develop and implement our organisational values




  • Development of values and behaviours with involvement of full staff team

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