Theme 2

Enabling the

delivery of more quality and truly affordable homes


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What will

success look like?


  • Paper developed with the sector on identifying the planning problems which includes clear recommendations for reform.

  • Recommendations for reform receive a positive response and action taken to develop policy changes that would improve the system to support housebuilding.

What will

success look like?


  • On target with affordable housing target.

  • Use success to help tell the sector’s story to politicians and other partners and stakeholders – more than bricks and mortar.

  • Members have access to innovative housing funding and can demonstrate impact of continued funding with a wide range of options available for affordable home ownership across Wales.

  • Best practice and learning shared on innovative housing solutions.

  • Members have access to health, housing and social care funding, and funded projects demonstrate preventative impact leading to further funding.

  • Outcomes from these projects provide evidence as to the significant and diverse contribution of the sector to the health and social care agenda.

  • WG funding secured for RHEs.

What will

success look like?


  • Continued SHG for the sector.

  • Sector has access to funding at favourable rates.

What will

success look like?


  • Clear vision for Housing Horizons launched at CHC’s Annual Conference in 2017.

  • All members buy into the vision ready to bring it to life in 2018/19.

We will lobby for a streamlined and effective planning system which supports land release for housing




  • Identify the planning and land barriers and have a clear set of proposals for reform.

  • Work with relevant partners to lobby WG for a sustainable planning system that allows for the delivery of more affordable homes.

We will support commitments made in the housing supply pact




  • Jobs and training – accurately measure and report on progress towards 12,500 target.

  • Innovative housing – role on task group to influence how funding for innovative housing is spent with a focus on housing solutions for under-35s and low carbon homes.

  • Contribute to the preventative health agenda through collaboration between housing, health and social care on specific projects, utilising a new pot of health/housing/social care funding.

  • Lobby for continued funding for Rural Housing Enablers.

We will develop proposals for continued public investment in
social housing




  • Lead steering group to inform and influence the development of the HFG2/SHG blending product.

  • Support opportunities to maximise lender confidence and opportunities to access private and institutional investment.

Cross-cutting Theme

Your Number 2 Priority

Cross-cutting Theme

We will co-develop a vision for housing associations in 2036 with the sector




  • Work with members and partners to set an ambitious vision for housing associations in 2036.

  • The vision will set out our collective ambitions on the homes we provide, our offer for the communities we serve, our workforce and our relationship with the state.

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