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to be resilient businesses


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What will

success look like?


  • Members having information and knowledge on how LHA is calculated.

  • Members and CHC have the ability to scrutinise and discuss the LHA data collection process.

  • Members support and influence the development of the plan.

  • Clear narrative and understanding of the impact of the LHA cap for tenants and businesses.

  • Sustainable rent policy for members.

What will

success look like?


  • Continued SHG for the sector.

  • Sector has access to funding at favourable rates.

What will

success look like?


  • Legislation is passed to reverse reclassification and there is a smooth transition back into the private sector.

  • The sector’s ability to borrow in order to develop new homes is assured.

  • Members understand the implications of the new legislation on their businesses and are equipped to deal with it.

What will

success look like?


  • Robust research and data that supports the sector’s position on current and future need.

  • Appropriate safeguards are considered and adopted.

  • Task and Finish groups complete a plan for the devolved fund that is adopted by WG. This fund meets the needs of the sector.

  • SP funding for 2018/19 is protected.

What will

success look like?


  • Landlord portal is established and trialled by members.

  • Members understand the Full Digital Service.

  • The Trusted Partner Status is open to and used by members.

What will

success look like?


  • Fully informed governance practitioners and board members.

  • Members feel supported on their governance needs.

  • A well governed sector - fully engaged with the regulator.

  • Seen by prospective board members as an attractive sector to be part of.

What will

success look like?


  • We have a risk-based approach to regulation which ensures that members are well run, financially robust and provide high quality and improving services to their tenants and confidence to WG and lenders.

What will

success look like?


  • Credible evidence base (financial and social) to communicate how we are maximising our contribution to the Welsh economy.

What will

success look like?


  • Our conferences and training courses are seen as good value for money and add value to our members, and provide them with all their learning and development needs.



Measures will include:


  • Satisfaction levels

  • Feedback

  • Income targets met


What will

success look like?


  • AMs and MPs are engaged in CHC’s policy priorities.

  • Number of positive mentions of CHC and housing associations by AMs in the Assembly.


What will

success look like?


  • Clear vision for Housing Horizons launched at CHC’s Annual Conference in 2017.

  • All members buy into the vision ready to bring it to life in 2018/19.

We will influence the calculation of Local Housing Allowance




  • Gather information on how rates are currently calculated.

  • Influence greater transparency of the data used to calculate LHA.

  • Co-develop a plan with the sector and the other UK federations to review LHA and propose reforms so that it is fit for purpose.

  • Develop proposals and influence Government to secure a more flexible approach to grant distribution and rent setting.

We will influence the devolved funding model for supported housing so that it supports long term investment




  • Influence the need for research and Welsh Government understanding of Supported Housing.

  • Work with WG and UK Government to develop a fair settlement and offer options for safeguarding.

  • Lead member task and finish groups on:
    • Funding distribution
    • Funding delivery
    • Encouraging development
    • Emergency & short term accommodation


  • Lobby for the protection of Supporting People funding for 2018/19

Your Number 4 Priority

We will influence legislation which makes the necessary changes to reclassify housing associations off the balance sheet




  • Identify controls that need to change.

  • Politicians understand why the reverse is important.

  • Legislation to be drafted and put before Assembly.

  • Working with members to understand the implications of the new legislation on their businesses.

Your Number 3 Priority

Develop and implement a package of governance support which enhances and strengthens our existing governance offer to the sector to ensure that our members are putting tenants at the heart of governance




  • Revise code of governance in consultation with members.

  • Work with the sector to reinforce transparency principles as part of the code of governance.

  • New governance offer for the sector including support for chairs/vice chairs/boards and those who support them including training and peer support.

  • Governance offer to include support for attracting board members to the sector.

  • Increased capacity in-house on governance issues.

  • Input into Regulatory Board for Wales Governance Review.

We will work with WG to ensure that the new approach to regulation is proportionate and risk-based




  • Pilot new framework.

  • Review and respond to recommendations of PAC inquiry.

  • Share best practice and lessons learned.

  • Ensure appropriate regulation with devolved supported housing top up funding.

We will support the sector to demonstrate value for money




  • Support the sector to define, deliver and demonstrate VFM.

  • Ensure that pilot VFM metrics collated through CHC’s Global Accounts are relevant and measurable and refined accordingly.

  • Compile and publish socio economic impact report for the sector.

  • Understand the range of actions members undertake to demonstrate social value and share good practice on how these support the delivery of VFM throughout the organisation.

We will monitor the impacts of Universal Credit and work with DWP to mitigate the impact on associations




  • Monitor impact of UC on tenants and HAs.

  • Give members a voice as part of DWP’s operational round table and Strategic landlord group.

  • Influence the creation and trial of a landlord portal.

  • Supply members with information and knowledge of the Full Digital Service.

  • Influence the Trusted Partner Status development.

Your Number 5 Priority

We will develop proposals for continued public investment in
social housing




  • Lead steering group to inform and influence the development of the HFG2/SHG blending product.

  • Support opportunities to maximise lender confidence and opportunities to access private and institutional investment.

Cross-cutting Theme

Your Number 2 Priority

Cross-cutting Theme

We will co-develop a vision for housing associations in 2036 with the sector




  • Work with members and partners to set an ambitious vision for housing associations in 2036.

  • The vision will set out our collective ambitions on the homes we provide, our offer for the communities we serve, our workforce and our relationship with the state.

Theme 3

Theme 4

We will provide high quality, relevant conferences, training and networking opportunities to support, educate, challenge and network the sector




  • Delivery of new conference programme for 2017/18. New conferences included and new methods of conference delivery.

  • Streamlined training programme for 2017/18 including:
    • Housing Toolkit
    • New: Governance training following consultation from the sector on what’s needed
    • New: Welfare reform training for front line staff and tenants
    • E-learning explored and rolled out to members

We will influence politicians at a national level and provide support to members to influence at a local level to ensure that elected representatives understand the work of the sector in Wales




  • Public Affairs Strategy implemented, which engages AMs cross-party in raising awareness of the sector following the PAC inquiry.

  • Use the findings of CHC’s Perceptions Audit of elected representatives to target public affairs strategy.

  • Engage with MPs so that they understand the impact of decisions taken by the Westminster Government on tenants in Wales.

  • Sector supported to lobby locally.

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