Corporate Plan

Priorities 2017/18

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As the umbrella body for housing associations  in Wales, we are proud to represent our members who provide homes and services to 10% of the Welsh population.


Last year, they contributed over £1bn to the economy of which 89% remained in Wales. They delivered more than 2,300 affordable homes and provided jobs to over 9,100 people across Wales.

Our job is to ensure that the sector continues to prosper in Wales and is equipped for the future.


This is year two of our three year corporate plan and you can find further information below on how we will continue to work on behalf of members to influence, connect, support and inform so that they can continue to invest in communities and change lives.


Our Mission

‘To positively influence government policy. To support and promote the work of our members. To speak with one voice. To put members at the heart of everything we do. To work as one team to deliver our mission.’

Our Aim

By 2019 we will be regarded by members as an invaluable and highly effective umbrella body. We will continue to promote the diversity of our membership and will have helped shape the external environment to enable them to prosper.

We will be the go-to organisation on housing issues in Wales, the partner of choice for stakeholders, and recognised and valued by Welsh Government as a sector that delivers.

Through our Contact Programme and consultation with your leadership teams, we’ve drawn up a number of priorities under each theme. Click on each theme to see where we will be focusing our efforts in 2017/18.

Theme 1

Supporting members to

be resilient businesses

Theme 2

Enabling the delivery of

more quality and truly

affordable homes

Theme 3

Support members to build

sustainable communities

where people want to live

Theme 4

Running a great

member organisation

Your Top 5

We asked you to prioritise the top 5 things you think we should focus on this year. Here’s what you said.

Our Member

Offer 2017/18

Our Corporate Plan is linked to our member offer. Our member offer is codified every year and outlines how we will continue to work on your behalf to influence, connect, support and inform so that you can continue to invest in communities and change lives.


Your can view our member offer here:

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