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09 April 2020

Tips for remote working

Tips for remote working
As with many other organisations at the moment, the team at Community Housing Cymru are all now working from home. We share our top tips for working remotely, staying motivated and keeping positive!

Rebecca Goodhand – Marketing and Comms Manager
“Try ‘walking to work’ each morning, even if it’s walking round the block or going into the garden before starting the working day. I’ve also started to learn to play the guitar.” Watch this space!

Bethan Proctor – Policy and External Affairs Manager
“Take a proper lunchbreak and make sure you get away from your desk. Don’t fall into a habit of eating at your laptop – otherwise you’ll have no break to the day.”

Julia Sorribes – Member Services Assistant
“Doing a little yoga a few times through the day – so your body isn’t scrunched up after spending so much time in front of a screen. Also virtually catching up with family and friends is good for the soul.”

Lesley Smith - Learning and Development Officer
“Checking in on people to see how they are doing, and making sure you’re talking to people each day.”

Steve Evans – Assistant Director of Finance & ICT
“I find running really helps to clear my mind. I also find taking structured breaks really helps for me.”

Bryony Haynes - Policy & External Affairs Assistant
“I like to change my desk location around the house so that I get a bit of a change to my day. Also catching up on reality TV programmes so that my brain can switch off.”

Aaron Hill – Head of Policy and External Affair
“I’ve set up a workout station in my room with equipment lent from my gym to keep me motivated. My housemates work for the NHS, so catching up with them puts things in perspective for me.”

Laura Courtney – Policy and External Affairs Manager
“I start my day with a little self-orientation, writing a list of priorities to work through each day. I also have a 3-year-old at home, so kid’s programs and mindfulness sessions help keep the negativity away.”

Sue Williams - Central Services Officer
“I’ve never had to work from home before, and I thought it would be more frustrating than it has been. I’ve set up a desk to work from, and I still feel as though I’m involved with everyone and able to help colleagues in the same way as usual. Gardening and stopping to listen to the birds keeps me positive.”

Bori Martos - Executive Support Officer
“Practicing Yoga often is a great way to stay active when stuck in the house!”

Hayley Macnamara – Policy and External Affairs Manager
“I prefer working from the same room so that I’m not bringing ‘work’ into other areas of the house. I’ve also invested in a back massager which is amazing to ease back strains.”

Edwina O’Hart - Assistant Director of Communications and Member Services
“My husband says I’m too loud on the phone, so being aware of other people in the house who might also be working from home would be my tip!”

Josh Rousen – Brand and Design Creative
“Keep to a routine, especially non work stuff. I try and take a break every hour to move. I have an exercise bike so I just have a 10-minute spin every hour to keep me active. And make use of the lovely weather to get outside for fresh air every day.”

Terryanne O’Connell - Admin Assistant
“I’m now not only a home worker but a home schooler too, so the conservatory has become one room for us all to work. It’s important that we close the door once the working day is done and we get out into the fresh air.”

Sarah Scotcher - Policy & External Affairs Project Officer
“I’m getting up at the same time as I usually would, and using the extra time to do things around the house.”

Rhea Stevens – Head of Policy and External Affairs
“I do need to sort out a daily routine and make sure I take a lunch break. It’s been so busy that my go to meal has been a bowl of rice krispies – so my goal at lunch time is to try and offset this by having as colourful a lunch plate as possible!”

Rhian Robinson - Events and Business Officer
“I’ve put a kettle and fridge in the room I’ve turned into an office. I only work in one room and once the day is done, I close the door. I’m loving binge watching Stars Wars with my son Ben to wind down at the end of the day too.”

Stuart Ropke – Chief Executive
“I’ve been banished to work in the attic as I was talking too loudly on the phone. I need to make sure I take regular breaks and stick to them.”

Catrin Harries – Media and Comms Officer
“I’ve set a timetable for each day to keep me focused. My alarm goes off the same time as usual, and I get up and exercise first thing to give me energy for the day. I aim to log on and off at the same time each day and take time to read and talk to people in the evenings.”

Will Henson – Policy and External Affairs Manager
“Having a newborn baby is how I keep my mind off things! I’ve set up a CHC Strava club so that we can all share our exercises, and there will be a prize for top athlete when we’re all back in the office. Aside from that, I’m looking for positive news stories each day to keep that light at the end of the tunnel.”

Phillipa Knowles - People and Business Director
“Running helps to just get me out of the house. I block that time out from my calendar so people know I’m not available during that time.”