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15 November 2019

New to the housing sector

New to the housing sector
Before I began working with CHC, I had no idea just how broad the housing sector really is – especially here in Wales. From an outsider perspective, I would never have realised the sheer volume of activity that goes on in the sector before being a part of it.

Through my background in environmental lobbying, I came to realise the overlaps with housing. Good quality housing can affect so many other aspects of someone’s life. I wanted to work in a sector that puts the livelihoods of others at the forefront of its goals. Also, the housing crisis shows little sign of slowing down and needs more pairs of hands!

So far, I’ve analysed a fair bit of data, including the Housing Pact and feedback from our members on various consultation responses. I especially enjoy all of the reactive pieces of work which can affect the housing agenda (E.g. Brexit and the General Election).

CHC really understand the importance of work/life balance, and the flexible working approach means you never know who you’ll see in the office and just makes things that much more interesting.

They also really value professional development, and I’ve already been on various forms of training and team away days in my first few months. It’s been a great opportunity to meet different people across the sector and build relationships, as well as getting to know my colleagues better. If there is something I’ve wanted to focus on or want more knowledge of, the team are really encouraging and supportive of it.

I’ve never been part of such a big policy team before. It is great to have so many people working on different things and having all of that support there if you need it. Everyone has been so welcoming and that goes for the organisation as a whole. CHC is a very sociable place to work – someone is always organising something. The karaoke night out was definitely an interesting experience after my first couple of weeks here!

I’ve had a really promising start on the job and I am excited to see what I’ll be working on in the months to come.