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10 February 2020

Meet the Team: Bori Martos

Meet the Team: Bori Martos
What’s your name?
Borbala (Bori) Martos

Where do you work and what do you do?
I am the Executive Support Officer at CHC. I am Stuart and Clarissa’s PA, I manage their diaries and try to make sure they are at the right place at the right time :) I also provide admin support to our SMG and Board.

Why did you choose a career in housing?
I didn’t specifically choose a career in housing. I wanted to work in the non-profit sector and saw a vacancy at CHC when I was about to move to Cardiff 4 and a half years ago…

What is the most important thing you have you learned since starting your career in housing?
How amazing the sector is with all the work they do to support people in need.

Where would you be working, if not in housing?
I’ve volunteered / volunteer a lot with children and young people, and I like to think I’d do something similar full time if I wasn’t working here.

What’s your favourite part of the job?
The people I work with.

What motivates you?
Doing something that helps others.

How do you relax after work?
I have a two year old… I come to work to relax :)

What’s your greatest achievement?
Volunteering with children and making a difference (even if just the tiniest bit) in their lives.

Your most embarrassing moment?
I once managed to lock myself in the communal garage of the block of flats we used to live in. My fob just wouldn’t work so I was going around to all the exits, knocking on all the doors trying to get out… until someone came in and opened the door with their fob without any problems…

What was your last holiday destination and what did you think of it?
We spend most of our leave going back to Hungary and visiting friends and family – Budapest is a great place if you’re looking for a city break. Also had a ‘proper’ holiday last September in Mallorca, which was amazing – beautiful beaches and lovely food.